Sky Eats Airplane – Photographic Memory w/ lyrics

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My first Lyrics vid!!! i made it bcuz no1 else made a lyric version of this song!!!

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25 Responses to “Sky Eats Airplane – Photographic Memory w/ lyrics”

  1. ninjaninjaninja56 says:

    i picked up my sister in my car this was playing she said what is this crap changes it to lady gaga………..bitch is walking

  2. fattyfattyfishy says:

    saw these guys in concert at the bridge in longview a while ago. fell in love with them 🙂

  3. TotalAwsumness666 says:

    favorite song <3

  4. AJConrady says:

    Jerry Roush > Bryan Zimmerman.

  5. legendaryshinigami says:


  6. blister1324 says:

    @bringmethepaininside I completely agree. in other words, metal is an umbrella term. There is something for everyone underneath it, ya jack ass 🙂

  7. MickyAmaziclez says:

    @maineguitarhero no she dosnt!!!!!!!!! ITS ALL LIES! LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. trust me im her biggest fan

  8. mythicman4545 says:

    9 people dont have photographic memory

  9. mythicman4545 says:

    @maineguitarhero HAHA

  10. ccpirate3 says:

    @drwdrw09 what version is this??? i cant find it anywhere

  11. goatchick123 says:

    Oh my god, my friend showed me this song, and it is so amazing!!!

  12. Metal7771 says:

    @daveguillen I know you where! lol i was just saying that it was funny! XD

  13. daveguillen says:

    @Metal7771 I was obviously joking and being sarcastic, that genre does not exist, will be hilarious bahaha

  14. Metal7771 says:

    @daveguillen Dreamcastcore!!! XD ROFL!! that wow never heard that before lol thats a good one!

  15. drwdrw09 says:

    This is the BEST version of this song.

  16. TehMawnster says:

    @daveguillen I understand the misunderstanding. 🙂

  17. daveguillen says:

    @TehMawnster okay mate no ofense then, i thought you were being rude!

  18. TehMawnster says:

    @daveguillen never was bitching, just having a stable argument.

  19. daveguillen says:

    @TehMawnster nice one, but i just mentioned similar bands to that guy, didnt even tell him that they played nintendocore or the same style…they are still a great band I dont give a fuck if its nintendocore, playstation3core, xbox360core, dreamcastcore, or electronic posthardcore, this is still electronic music with hardcore, so stop bitching at me and just enjoy their music ;D

  20. TehMawnster says:

    @daveguillen I do see where you get this particular song off of hxc with electronics but if you listen to some of their other songs they do have some nice 8-bit sounds my friend.

  21. daveguillen says:

    @TehMawnster wll there is a lot of subgenres in the scene nowadays…Some ppl say they are nintendo core, I found them really in the post hxc line with electronic, really think that the band ”horsetheband” describes the word nintendocore better, dont you think so?

  22. TehMawnster says:

    @daveguillen letting you know this is Nintendocore right?

  23. dvsdez says:

    @daveguillen woe is me is sick, sleeping with sirens sounds like a bunch of prepubescent girls that play guitar decently well 🙂

  24. gigiusa5 says:

    music from how its made in the beginning I lOVE THAT SHOW

  25. dvsdez says:

    @daveguillen thanks heaps, il look em up. woe is me’s cover of Tik Tok is hilarious! Cheers 🙂

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