Some Quick and Easy Memory Improvement Exercises

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Some Quick and Easy Memory Improvement Exercises

Article by Stitch Rojas

Though most of the people today lay great stress on the physical fitness and well being, there are very few who give equal importance to brain fitness and memory improvement. They forget that brain is also a part of the body and needs to be exercised regularly in order to keep it in sound working state. If not, it may tend to shrivel due to disuse and become ineffective. It is important to pay attention to brain fitness and improve it by utilizing some memory improving techniques and exercises.

Memorization Exercises

The more one practice and exercises with memorization, the more the brain develops, and better is the memory power. Some quick and easy memory improvement exercises that one can practice with can be enlisted as follows:

*Memorize one paragraph per day: Go out and get a book that you really love or were dying to read. Now just memorize a small paragraph per day and recite it verbatim at least three to four times during the day. Try not to make any mistakes while reciting. Keep doing this and you would be ready to flex your memory muscles.

*Make mental notes: many times, just making a simple mental note regarding a place or a name can do wonders for your memory. For example, if you just met a person and want to remember her name because she may be a good business contact, make a mental note regarding the same. By giving a reason with the name, the brain will recollect the same easier and faster.

*Mnemonic Devices: You can hardly ignore the wonders you can do with your brain using this simple exercise. Associating objects and images with simple dreary words and lists will work wonders in improving your memory. For example, if you want to memorize a simple grocery list, you can imagine a room where the cabbage is sitting on the sofa reading the news about how a potato murdered a tomato using toilet paper, the peas are dancing on the table, and there are fruits all over the floor. The more weird and imaginative is the scene, better are the chances of you memorizing the whole list at one go.

*Join a drama class: If you are one of those theatre lovers, this is a good exercise for memory improvement. Actors are made to learn long scripts and memorization, as even a single slip on their part can ruin the whole play. Memorization of scripts on a regular basis helps in developing their memory power to a great extent.

These memory improvement exercises are just a few of the many others that one may use on a personal basis to memorize things. How a person remembers things depends on his personal commitment and dedication. One needs to remember that keeping the brain in shape is vital. Memorization is a skill and like any other skill, it can also be learnt. Having a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in keeping your brain healthy and your memory skills in top order.

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