Sony Vaio Disassembly to fix POWER / CHARGING Problem.

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In this video I replace the DC Jack or power plug (power port) of a Sony Vaio VPCCW23FX laptop. Table Of Contents: Removal of: Battery 0:12 Hard drive 0:24 RAM Memory 1:39 Laptop Case 1:48 DC Jack 2:44Reassembly 2:56 If you are having problems with your computer I can help! Please send me a message or check out If you plan on working on your laptop, please take notes and take your time. This video makes things look very easy. Some connectors will fall apart easier than they will disconnect and can take several minutes to slowly work apart. It is VERY easy to break small components that are expensive to replace. Depending on your individual skill level you may have more of a chance of breaking something than fixing something so if your laptop is important to you, please let an experienced technician handle it. I have over 10 years experience working with computers. I will try my best to answer questions but please keep them related to the video and the work being done. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe.
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23 Responses to “Sony Vaio Disassembly to fix POWER / CHARGING Problem.”

  1. Ek4jordan says:

    Someone please help me! I have just changed the charging port but now my laptop won’t even power up, on top that I have got a different charger from different laptop which is 16v and the original one is 19.5v does that make a difference from charging up?? Please help its fricken pissing me off!

  2. justinkim888 says:

    i think it’s a ram problem,,,

  3. forevertheuni says:

    That flat cable leading to usb + mic headphones all you have to do is pull it off? I was afraid of ruining it. 🙂

  4. frydaddy60 says:

    Can u help me on this? My Vaio laptop is doing something wierd… this happened to my toshiba laptop too but i threw that one away and i dont want to harn this one :(. so when i turn it on, It shows the logo and it goes to a black screen with a white little hyphen blinking on the top left corner. Help!

  5. joakimflodberg says:

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR290EAP and it seems that opening the case to get to the DC IN jack is very different. Can you do a video on how to disassemble a VGN-CR290? Thank you.

  6. VitalElectrocomp says:

    Excellent !!


    Google Vital Connectors

  7. 1020Shane says:

    i had that happen to me too. I had to go on ebay and quickly order/pay for a new jack part before my battery died because it is my only computer.

  8. akasstan says:

    And to think, I was going to attempt this myself!

  9. jiginc88 says:

    Wow, I read almost all the moments in this video. Sony Vaio’s are really not reliable. I had to take my Vaio CW in for service over three times. And everytime I do, no problems arise. Silly problems like these are really tempting me to switch over…

  10. jimsvideohz says:

    I am also missing the center part of the DC port on my VPCF115FM..

  11. JawasCantBeTrusted says:

    Hey there, I have a PCG-7131M that I have just been given by a friend because it dosen’t work any more. I had a look at the DC IN and noticed two prongs in there which didn’t seem to match to the power cable connection. Am I right in thinking something has maybe come out of the DC jack that would then enable the cable to sit in the jack properly?

    Any responses would be awesome! as I can’t find anything on the net and I’m getting frustrated looking 🙂

  12. thavideomaker says:

    One of the 2 prongs in the jack broke today… I’m on my last charge…

  13. FadeawayDj says:

    Hi. Could u tell me what that green thing on the left is? I can see that its pins are not connected on my motherboard. 15mAH Ni-MH is written on it

  14. MrBrianlpearce says:

    Used this video to disassemble a sony vaio pcg 61411l. It was having blackout problems that started the same day a rattle started. Found a loose screw rolling around on the motherboard, and found where it belonged. Must not have been tightened during original assembly. Got everything reassembled and it now seems to be working fine. THANKS FastVideo guys!

  15. bajanboytoy1 says:

    I have a Sony PCG-7133L laptop and its not charging where can i purchase this part????

  16. lidoz says:


  17. apriljanfo says:

    I have a Sony PCG-7133L laptop and the charing port is missing the internal center piece. I was wondering if these video steps are the same for my model and where can i find the part?

  18. murphyme1 says:

    I have Sony VGN FE28B with power cuts off when it is slightly moved would it be DC jack socket? or the cable?

  19. Nachalnika says:

    I have Sony vaio vpcf21z1e / bi if you know how disassemble have it open and if you could make a video about it being opened cause I really need to know about the graphics card type because gpu-z is not enough and need to check ventilation area along with CPU socket all because of upgrades !! Thank you very much in advance !!!! I’ll be waiting for your reply !!!

  20. aviweisz says:

    hi. i have sony vaio pcg-61411l (VPCCW21FX) similar to this laptop on video, and when i try to power on the computer it power on (both green and orange) but no display at all, not even with external monitor, i try to open the laptop and remove everything on way, like hdd, cd, changing ram and disconnecting bluetooth and wireless, resitting the cpu, but no luck. what can it be, what should i try to do more?

  21. XxlikestxricexX says:

    Hi, I have a vaio lap top too a VGN-CS215J and I ordered a power jack head from eBay, I could have bought the whole wire but the head was cheaper of course. So I soldered it on and I attempted to turn it on and it doesn’t work. Should I just go ahead and buy the whole wire power jack? I want to figure out what am I doing wrong.

  22. BlanketSami says:

    Lebron traveled

  23. scapebrunos says:

    Hola espero hables español….. muy buenos tus videso felicidades… tengo una VGN CS290 se apaga sola en cuanto se empieza a calentar esto lo hace varias veces…. y cuando se escucha que el ventilador comienza a funcionar en ese momento ya no se apaga sabras que pieza debo de cambiar? gracias JD

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