Special memory the solution of the fault

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Special memory the solution of the fault

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Recently, my computer just upgraded to the following configuration: thunderbird 1 GHz, ShengJi KT133A-RAID, 512 MB of memory. Go home after assembly on boot up to 1 GHz try the pleasant sensation, but not much time appear, the phenomenon of physical memory physical memory dump complete crash. The thought of not install the driver, so hurry installed VIA four in1 patch, but still not stable, often appear, the phenomenon of physical memory physical memory dump complete crash. I use in the heat of the Foxconn fan should have no problem. The problem really appear in what place? Linux fault

I use of the most simple substitution. After a “man-machine wars” questions after just the same, blue hold and crash constantly. Alas, how to do? And computer contact for so many years, is the first time to have this problem. Power maintenance

Is it the mainboard itself questions? I’ve also used many VIA motherboard, but never the serious problems. BOIS fault

I can only use the final approach, the only leave some light on the main board computer necessary things, such as video card, CPU, memory, etc, but the problem is still the same. The CPU may not, in a video card or still try. Seems the problem in memory body, my memory is mixed inserts, this upgrade to save more than one hundred dollars to buy a root HY256MB memory, before the two root is in Kingston 128 MB of never had any problems. I heard that before KINGMAX memory will have compatibility problems, not to say what Kingston have what problem, but also want to try it. The Kingston tear open come down to just plug in HY265MB memory, but the problem remains. Is it the problem of HY? So I put HY 256 MB install the removed the Kingston, problem solved. The problem is a hint of memory in HY, how can that be?

It is so, ShengJi motherboard have a setting can improve the performance of the memory. I is set up to 4-WAY (four ways of crisscross) to improve its performance. But I bought a new HY memory because of their quality is not good, and can’t meet the requirements. Plus HY 256 MB memory are double-sided can’t disorderly put, can insert in the first root memory slots, otherwise there will be some not bright or simply don’t recognize the memory.

That don’t need not HY 256 MB? No! Look at the difference between HY and Kingston, Kingston found in memory board has many small patch capacitance, and memory board of HY patch capacitance is very few however. These patches of capacitance has increased the increase is the memory of electromagnetic interference sex. That can only improve HY memory.

So I made by hand a shielding layer, use the aluminum foil bag in HY memory (note silver to outside), with screen layer to strengthen the stability of the signals, all done, then put up try, turn into the memory options to CMOS in 4-WAY to exit the start everything is normal, do not have what problem. Try to open 3 DMAX more quickly than before. After all is 512 MB memory ah.

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