Speed Reader Takes Center Stage At Climate Change Hearing

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more at May 21, 2009
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25 Responses to “Speed Reader Takes Center Stage At Climate Change Hearing”

  1. settlesdown says:

    Waxman looks like the the guy from the cantina in Mos Eisley.

  2. x4812k says:

    1 off, bataille

  3. quinton2chaos says:

    way faster then him, 12 off solvency

  4. 119119119119 says:

    Big f###ing joke,these arrogant sob’s wonder why the tea parties are growing. They should be put against a wall and shot for their treason.

  5. fallfly1 says:

    peace revolution!!!

  6. skunkworks226 says:

    i swear i heard the word communist in there

  7. ServeTruth2u says:


  8. weallknowitstrue says:

    NEW truth – just out!
    Global Warming –
    SEE “Lord Christopher Monckton: From Global Warming to Global Governance”
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    SEE “Lord Christopher Monckton: From Global Warming to Global Governance”

    This has become a lot worse than we ever thought it could, and “Lord Christopher Monckton: From Global Warming to Global Governance” shows us why.

    NEW truth – just out!
    Global Warming – SEE “Lord Christopher Monckton: From Global Warming to Global Governance”
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  9. toneeeeeee says:

    They’re stalling it because its a market that hasn’t naturally occured in the free market and it will further our debt and destory our economy. How do you create technology for which there is no demand for?

    Don’t you get it? Liberal talking points don’t work. Repubs and Dems ARE ONE AND THE SAME.

  10. maunaowakea777 says:

    actually, the republican amendment was a lengthy stall tactic and the reading of it was trrying to comply with the rules of the committee and still get shit done.

    the repubs are stalling everything to do with clean energy technology because they are in the back pockets of the oil and coal lobbies.

    don’t you get it???

  11. darkguardian1314 says:

    I thought speed reading involves subduing or eliminating subvocalization except where you need to really understand something. I speed read but I found that applying the techniques made me a poor reader when I read out loud to a group. Reading every word is important.

  12. Rockgenious says:

    As sure as rain is wet, you are right. I feel like this government of the people by the people has turned into a government of themselves, with bueraucratic placating every 2 to 4 years to a constituency who is ill informed to blink let alone vote.

  13. shartne says:

    the democrat nazis dont want us to know how they are going to fuk us so they are trying to hurry all their screw the americans bills.

  14. dmaji1 says:

    i ask unanimous ascent that these political fucks who are running our world do their fucking job

  15. Aaronkitchens9110 says:

    not fast at all….

  16. dudeman1109 says:

    WOW. This is just as bad as Hurricane Chris at the Louisiana House of Reps. the other day rapping like its a Goddamn show. Our goverment is a fucking joke. A joke that dont give a fuck about anyone but themselves

  17. eeedel says:

    Where is the Micro Machine man when you need him?

  18. libradaritadjv says:

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  19. JonThm says:

    Mill the ice, and cool the hto lands!

  20. timedies says:

    That’s the slowest speed reading I’ve ever heard.

  21. philblunt420 says:

    The Democrats have made a mockery of government through wasteful spending.

  22. lieinveigleobfuscate says:

    Yep, thanks GOP for wasting so much government time that we had to hire this guy.

  23. ICannesDoIt says:

    This is a great video! If you want to help save the world from the effects of climate change, then sign a petition that will be presented at this years UN Summit.

  24. OoLaLaFrenchGirl says:

    They obviously do not care what this says, they are going to force it on us whether we like it or not. Feeling oppressed by this oppressive government yet people?

  25. IzzyHiHello says:

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