Speed reading

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Me speed reading Raymond Carver’s ‘They’re Not Your Husband’
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9 Responses to “Speed reading”

  1. Stairwaytoheaven06 says:

    that’s so cool I’m really really impressed !

  2. smithslover1 says:

    Yeah sometimes my tongue gets twisted lol, but I could do this since I was a kid.

  3. Stairwaytoheaven06 says:

    wow ! if I read like that you may sure that I will not understand the book 😉
    great job !
    I’ll try it too :p

  4. lapopofighting says:

    Hm I stumbled upon this because you have very good taste in music… it is ironic, because I just read this today…not this fast though

  5. WolfMoon86 says:

    4 seconds? THAT is talent Selina. My hat is off to you

  6. smithslover1 says:

    @Wolfmoon86, hmm i can read a paragraph in like 4 seconds, depends on how long it is.

  7. WolfMoon86 says:

    Your welcome but that really is impressive. What is your record time?

  8. smithslover1 says:

    @Wolfmoon86, thank you for commenting. I will keep on trying to beat my old record.

  9. WolfMoon86 says:

    Holy shit lol that is VERY impressive!! 😀

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