Speed Reading [Brad – Mass Effect]

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24 Responses to “Speed Reading [Brad – Mass Effect]”

  1. aeronirvanazeppelin says:

    hey i got an idea, who gives a crap if Brad is gay?

  2. Snippy2442 says:

    I’m a girl and I always use guy characters in games. Why? Because DAT ASS gonna be in my face the entire game. I’d rather it be a man’s 😉

  3. xV1BxPr0ducT10nSx says:

    YOU ARE REALLY RETARDED… wouldn’t you think that actually playing as a guy is gay.. if you think logically.. you want to play as a gay.. thats more gay then playing with a women

  4. pup123434 says:

    The fact that you went so deep into someones character preference shows your character. I’ve played as a girl in video games, doesn’t mean anyone is gay for doing so. But people who repress that kind of thing (such as yourself) are more than likely homosexual, and repressing it onto others because you’re too scared to admit the truth. Have a nice day, asshat

  5. TobiMafia says:

    Okay, you nurse that superiority complex of yours.

  6. Donavon55 says:

    I like how there’s an argument for every 4pp video.

  7. Bumblebeest says:

    1 is great, 2 sucks

  8. XxReaperZeroxX says:

    Xerosnake thinks Brad’s gay, Brad doesn’t know or care who Xerosnake is. I think Xerosnake wants to make love to Brad.

  9. DaoraKing911 says:

    Is it wrong to play Girl characters on games alot? i say NO! If you sir Xerosnake90 Imply that Brad is gay for playing girl characters you are wrong you must be a retarded person. Clearly you haven’t seen 4PP videos for the past 6 years retard.

  10. Xerosnake90 says:

    No. By your logic, which is an obscured view of what I may think, you’d assume I believe you’re a lesbian. Have you read why I associated Brad to being gay for constantly playing female characters? If you have, maybe then your brain might process the information a tad better and you’d understand MY logic. Everyone who has mentioned the “You’re gay for looking at a guy, not a girl” arguement simply hasn’t read anything I said earlier.

  11. TobiMafia says:

    I’m a guy, I play as a girl too and have a girlfriend who usually watches me play games. So I guess by your logic that makes me a lesbian?

  12. Unspokenking says:

    honestly the original Mass Effect was and is one of my favorite games of all time, i knew it would be before it even came out. 2 isn’t a bad game, it’s just such a huge departure from the original in terms of gameplay and story, and i didn’t like it at all. maybe the elements of ME1 that you didn’t like are what i think made it the better game, that’s just my opinion. but arguing about this on youtube is what is truly stupid, can we just agree to disagree?

  13. darkphoenix2 says:

    Jesus Christ. If you’re going to waste my time with bullshit about me “jumping on the Mass Effect bandwagon when ME2 came out”, I’ll just stop trying to help you become a smarter person. If I had room in my last comment, I would have added that I wasn’t happy with how simple ME2’s leveling up process was. 4 abilities for squadmates? That’s freaking lame. Point costs resulting in you not being able to spend all your points sometimes? Dumb.

    And I still like ME1’s narrative more.

  14. Unspokenking says:

    also, of course leveling up meant barely anything, considering there were 60 levels to go through. that’s a basic facet of RPGs, from what i gather, you just like third person shooters with a sci-fi theme, which is what ME2 is.

  15. Unspokenking says:

    if you ever actually played ME1 and enjoyed it, you would agree that ME2 fucking sucks. obviously you’re one of those people who jumped on the Mass Effect bandwagon when ME2 came out, and then went back and played ME1 for the first time and said “Oh, this is so shitty compared to the sequel.” i won’t disagree that combat is better in 2, but they sacrificed so many of the CORE gameplay elements to accomplish that.

  16. darkphoenix2 says:

    I can’t believe there are so many people who spew this nonsense. First, Mass Effect 2 has more complex combat. It requires more skill. Mass Effect 1 is the “dumbed down” one. It is simple, easy, dull, and extremely flawed. I could give you a million examples, but we’re on Youtube. Second, you can call ME1 a shooter/RPG, but it sucked at BOTH of those. I’ve already talked about the shooting, and leveling up in ME1 didn’t mean jack shit. Woohoo, I do 4% more damage. Gimme a break.

  17. Unspokenking says:

    exactly, they dumbed down the gameplay in Mass Effect 2 to make it more commercially successful. they changed it from a story-based shooter/RPG to just a shooter with minimal RPG elements. ME2 is shit.

  18. darkphoenix2 says:

    You’re saying Mass Effect 2 is a great cinematic experience, but its gameplay is shit? Most people would say the opposite…

  19. Unspokenking says:

    lol you just described ME2

  20. Boostique44 says:

    Why did you do all of that if you didn’t like Mass Effect? You are clearly either mentally retarded or just lying.

  21. darkphoenix2 says:

    Each person you met altered the story…in MASS EFFECT 2! Besides, most people think they didn’t do a good job making your choices affect the game.

    And where did I say I didn’t want to explore? I did. I just wanted it to be fun. It wasn’t.

  22. cloudgirl150 says:

    2 > 1
    Sorry Brad

  23. FullTotalGamer says:

    Those little things made Mass Effect 1 The best ME game I have played so far. Each choice you made Reflected on you Campaign. Each person you met had altered the storyline by that tiniest Fragment. You dont see Stuff like that in Everyday games. The Enemies have a shitton of health Part made me Laugh. If you play it on Insanity you should be Prepared for this. Flanking was such a Helper most of the Time. You should not have played it if you didn’t want to explore!

  24. darkphoenix2 says:

    I did do it on Insanity. That’s even worse! Enemies just have a shit ton of health, and battles take even longer! If the gameplay is shit, why would doing it longer make it better?

    I’ve done every side quest multiple times. Almost all of the sidequests are shit. Roam around a barren world in the Mako for a while, find a tiny bunker full of enemies, kill them, have a short conversation. The end. Over and over and over.

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