Speed Reading Interview Part 1

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When should speed reading be used? What practice techniques should we try? This and more in an interview with Kris Madden
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25 Responses to “Speed Reading Interview Part 1”

  1. brightlights456X says:

    “Who doesn’t read?”

    You’d be surprised :/

  2. brightlights456X says:

    lol, 50,000 words per minute 😀

    That would be so awesome.

  3. PussyCatSaof says:

    you’re cute, i would speed my read for you ^_*

  4. GR1o6180339887498948 says:

    I don’t think you can speed read math books, can you?

  5. StevenTorman says:

    U know, u know… u know, uh, u know if u know

  6. hlamdo says:

    I think that your technique can also apply for listening. I usually repeat what I’ve heard, so I were distracted from my attention. Just use my ears for hearing is the keys for mastering my listening.

  7. chadwyatt09 says:

    How do you recall the information after speed reading and how do you know you have retained it?

  8. Oneworld87 says:

    Speed reading is probably a form of primitive comprehension – it is evident in our predecessors that they can not only read, but can also calculate math faster than humans. It’s likely that we’ve adapted to a filter – conscious mind, that filters out too much data – we don’t see it all. If we expand, or go deeper into a subconscious, thus, we become unconscious, then we can experience greater amounts of data but would be compromising cognitive security. Hypnosis can also accomplish this.

  9. dwebsubmit says:

    Btw, I created an online web application called eyercize
    that helps you with speed reading. It does the basic eye fixation thing and I will soon add games like the number finding exercise.

  10. dwebsubmit says:

    Thanks Kris, nice pointers especially the aeiou.

  11. zsnes3260 says:

    When I speed reading, i find that i get l10% comprehension on what I’m reading.

    What should i do?

  12. DreadPL says:

    for those who cant read this, it is something like:
    him deul ku na yu


  13. sciencefreak2402 says:

    You are the only man that tells us how to speed read while explaining “why?”. Thank you so much.

  14. kool5551 says:

    Thanks a lot for making these videos!

  15. ohsukung says:


  16. VenusSatanas says:

    the brain and larynx work together otherwise we couldnt form words..the trick is getting the brain to forget that extra step when reading.

  17. ebpm4life says:

    I highly doubt that the information actually is transmitted through the larynx. You can hear many voices at once, even music.
    Photoreading is not about memorizing a page. It’s about subconscious processing of a page. It’s not about photographic memory.

  18. dalygav says:

    nice slippers!

  19. slimjunks says:

    i guess he’s sayin’ that the signals go to the throat first, then to comprehension… i always kinda say the words in my head in language, and even breathe like i’m talking… i’m gonna try the “humming” thing…

  20. bobbywise says:

    This guy is being interviewed by his room mate. This reminds me of something Kramer would do. Remember when he had a talk show in his apartment?-The larynx does not tell the brain what is was going to say. The brain tells the larynx what to say. How does the eyes or larynx know that the image is even a word before the brain remembers that these black marks are letters making up words. You decide with your brain if the word will be said, not your larynx. They speed read, TV, and interview books.

  21. abrahamrajendran says:


  22. justuser82 says:

    nice to know that

  23. justuser82 says:

    can you say anything about breathing when speedreading???

  24. napster3626 says:

    mr cool

  25. SexehJoe says:

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