Speed Reading Interview Part 2

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Speed reading interview with Kris Madden, the conclusion
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16 Responses to “Speed Reading Interview Part 2”

  1. cypts1 says:

    But how is someone able to think when groups of words are all seen at once so fast? I am able to speed read but I cant understand what i am seeing, i see words and then move to the next bunch of words fast but i dont think while i am speed reading so i dont understand anything. Can someone who is a speed reader explain to me how to THINK while speed reading?

  2. brightlights456X says:

    2000 words per minute!? I never thought there was a level BEYOND a Super Saiyan?

  3. Mu5clehead says:

    @fruitsofnews I am right.

  4. fruitsofnews says:

    @Mu5clehead I mean yeah… i mean maybe uhh maybe you may be right but uhh i mean maybe not????? lol…. relax “mu5clehead” take a laxative and stop taking everything so seriously.

  5. Mu5clehead says:

    @fruitsofnews you’re retarded
    “I Mean” has nothing to do with his skills

  6. fruitsofnews says:

    How can someone who uses “I MEAN” so often seriously expect me to believe that he is a lectured person?

  7. djking2003 says:

    Great interview; you asked all the right questions.

  8. linglingtwirly says:

    when you say practice for 5 minutes (etc) every day do you mean practicing the vouls while reading or the eye excersises?

  9. AliveDog says:

    I’m new to speed reading, should I just keep looking at a page from a book untill I see something, or should I only do the exercises, or should I combine both?
    one other question, once I get good at speed reading, would it be aplicable for the ACT?

    thank you for putting up those videos, they will definetly help me a lot once i get the hang of it.

  10. AliveDog says:

    you wouldn’t be able to talk without them

  11. jt1diesel says:

    I am a 34 and just went back to school,it a little hard but going to try and use your methods and see what happens.i total under stand what your talking about lets see if I can prefect it Thanks

  12. rlsroyce says:

    Hmmm. There doesn’t seem to be more than two videos availble. Are there more that I’m not finding? It would be nice to go through the videos step by step and develope technique instead of getting chunks of info with out applying it.

  13. ebpm4life says:

    If somehow your larynx (however you spell it) was to be removed, could you read faster??

    I’m not trying to joke around either. I really want to know.

  14. inferi085 says:

    I really appreciate you guys adding these videos. They’re helping me a lot. Thanks so much :).

  15. MathCrazyTutoring says:

    In the beginning no, but after you develop the habits within these videos you will.

  16. Shmuelthinker says:

    Question: will you always pick up, let’s say, the vocabulary? new words?

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