Speed Reading Practice #2

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Kris leads you through a second technique to improve your speed reading skills.
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25 Responses to “Speed Reading Practice #2”

  1. Colombian1796 says:


  2. AJ1004AJ says:

    @AJ1004AJ no offence, i’m learning braille because i’m shortsighted and sick of tiny ebooks and little texts

  3. AJ1004AJ says:

    @19DiesIrae87 speed braille-ing

  4. Laurelindo says:

    I’m not really sure why, but I knew from the very start that this guy was trustworthy on this subject.

  5. cyberxdev says:

    @19DiesIrae87 Train your fingers ? o.O

  6. vfedericox says:

    LVL UP! +10 ap!

  7. yelloweye007 says:

    @19DiesIrae87 If that was the case, I would probably say that none of these rules apply.

  8. 19DiesIrae87 says:

    What if you’re blind?? Hmm?? =-

  9. GuskumaRodrigo says:

    on wikipedia there’s a gif with this exercise, that’s very helpful.
    It’s on the section “software”

  10. blarson12 says:

    This exercise is great when your surfing porn sights. Thanks speed reader guy!

  11. lcestnick says:

    How visual attention works, fails, and leads to dyslexia (and what to do about it!)
    SEARCH “Dr. Laurie Cestnick” “Harvard University” or “Cestnick” “Dyslexia” on YOUTUBE for video. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  12. hyde78chan says:

    I would love to try this as I love Math and would love to improve my reading as well. By the way, is this exercise limited to four digits only? I mean, can this exercise be improved by increasing the numbers in the exercise overtime? Especially if this exercise becomes too easy. Will try this out though.

  13. thephilosopherkartik says:

    Unlike your last two techniques, in this one I saw ‘immediate’ results! Thanks!

  14. thephilosopherkartik says:

    @alikara91 The way our brain receives and processes visual stimuli to create language is identical for all languages; except those that use an ideographic writing system (I read this in an omniglot article on Chinese characters), like Mandarin. If this works for English, it should work for French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia and so forth. As for Chinese and Japanese, I just don’t know.

  15. alikara91 says:

    If my native language IS NOT english but I am having speed reading exercises in english….Is it possible to increase the speed reading in my native lang?
    All the software  I can find are in english…Should I try them or they won’t be that effective in this case?

  16. altaboy97 says:

    i would just like to ask what is your speed reading level?

  17. Obbieafri says:

    good job matt!

  18. brainaholic says:

    This is a very intresting technique!! helps eye muscles and visual brain areas how to work faster than usual.!. Yes, this works for any language because it is about how to make the eye muscles and the brain more skillful and faster.

  19. PifWorks says:

    Hay Math, I have a question for you? Using a “guide” like a pencil makes you read faster, like Buzan says? It really keeps you more focus and makes you read faster?

  20. ressikman says:

    How often should we do this exercise?

  21. breaker303 says:

    actually, you also do that in a videogame all the time, but then again you’re right, im no expert.

  22. caramelizeme says:

    wow, dude, so simple it’s elegant!

  23. lfonde says:

    Well, in fact it’s quite the oposite I think. In a videogame you are following a moving target, here you train to move fast from a still target to another still target. In a book targets are not moving.
    But if you can provide ideas which work, please, go ahead and share them.

  24. datvin1 says:

    this is a tip for everyone I Hate homework it not a tip but I HATE HOME WORK.

  25. Vilunkilol says:

    ….or not.

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