study help music master your brain

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www.brainunlimitedpower.com try the website you can buy it frin there This modified music can change your brain making it extremely focused and receptive like a sponge very quickly. Excellent tool for study and other project requiring high level of concentration. Note this is not relaxing sound. This finely tuned frequency can speed up your mental process 10 more.
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25 Responses to “study help music master your brain”

  1. ohmenaja says:

    Whats the name of this song again? its famous enough, and it has nothing to do with brain frequencies or anything but if its workin for you magic!

  2. SisBlu says:

    Yes, I liked it. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. ille24 says:

    @BedTimeProductions11 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

  4. 07Blackbeard says:

    @MmaLegend420 Why the hell? 😀

  5. cronic393 says:


  6. MmaLegend420 says:

    This made me wanna thrash about and break stuff for some reason :/

  7. karrinicholas says:

    i opened my eyes as soon as it came up on the screen and told me to .. 😐

  8. tropsnaj says:

    @marche1881 R u serious ! haha.

  9. polarpuff225 says:

    actually this is like a placebo pill… it only works if you think it does. you are just as perceptive at the beginning as you are at the end. the only difference is you THINK “oh, i should be uber perceptive” sorry to ruin the illusion people.

  10. marche1881 says:

    @tropsnaj I do

  11. anabelladelalune says:

    @tropsnaj I go to LVA.. Close enough yeah? 8D

  12. BrightCrystalRB says:

    had this on a xbox game! ahah

  13. G4nJa4LiFe says:

    good song

  14. gabriel999red says:

    moonlight sonata–love it ♥

  15. tropsnaj says:

    Anyone here go to UNLV ????

  16. hunt4mouse says:

    LOL~! it says “Open your eyes” on screen, but if you have closed your eyes as said,

  17. tropsnaj says:

    I felt weird when I opened my eyes !

  18. norarose03 says:

    this may sound a bit sad..but that’s what makes it suitable for studying 😛 anything else that is too up-beat will just make me want to get up and dance 😛

  19. norarose03 says:

    @jasonask1 that’s why it goes well with my mood when i’m studying heheh 😀

  20. Jimbojimjim123 says:

    that was annoying to listen to

  21. LilPinkDiamond says:

    @jasonask1 it sounds like saink outta doctor who;L

  22. xxBAMSTERxx says:

    thumbs up if the music helped, im still not sure…

  23. joelsie1 says:

    its feels like my feet can’t be seperated with the floor xD

  24. scarrygamer says:

    wow i liked the music

  25. girlsrockboysdrool says:

    loved it!:D

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