Study Smarter Not Harder with Beta Brain Wave Music

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This half hour ambient music track will help you focus on your studies due to the powerful Beta brain wave frequencies embedded in the program that keep your mind in the range where you can…
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25 Responses to “Study Smarter Not Harder with Beta Brain Wave Music”

  1. Nikhil Khakhar says:


  2. The Brain Garage says:

    Divan, I can’t seem to reply directly to your comment – yes, beta helps
    your cognition, you don’t need a set time but I would say a half hour a
    day is good; effects are immediate but if you want to remember a lot of
    stuff, do it everyday up to your test day, good luck!

  3. The Brain Garage says:

    Hey folks, I’m so glad so many of you have listened and found success with
    this program – your comments are appreciated!

    If you would like to purchase this track and 23 others that are part of our
    Beta Brain Wave library click on the following link. Beta brain waves are
    perfect for studying, keeping your mind sharp and your energy high, enjoy!

  4. mohamed mahmoud m e styrio says:

    what is a beta music and does this have any thing i common with

  5. mohamed salah says:

    This is a fantastic video

  6. Tinka van den Hazel says:

    thank you! works amazing 😀 my head feels less tight or something and I can
    concentrate better

  7. DH MAHEDI says:

    hey is there any way i can download it like audio file so that i could hear
    it on my mobile…. 

  8. PeaceLoveFairytales says:

    alpha waves made me sleepy and worsened my ability to focus. im trying beta
    waves now. (this video) i will update everybody after 30 min to 45 min.

  9. Skyrim Lord says:

    Do you advise wearing headphones or not? Ans doesn’t this just distract you?

    Thanks for answering.

  10. zizi zizou says:

    I believe it works, because when i tried it, it made my mind more

  11. Caroline Rose F. says:

    *What are you doing. Stop reading this comment. Go back to studying.*

    (By the way, this music REALLY helped :D)

  12. Kapil Puneria says:

    hi i am kunal from india im preparing for medical entrance exam .how long
    should i listen to this music on daily basis..

  13. Bryan Day says:

    do u listen to this as your studying or after

  14. Ethan Hall says:

    Stop reading the comments and study

  15. Florencia Maria says:

    really work just try!!!!

  16. Cheryl Baker says:

    I listened to this track along with a few others geared to help retain
    knowledge while studying. I passed my teacher certification test with
    flying colors! I had a ton of material to memorize within a short amount of
    time. I know this helped me pass. Highly recommend! 

  17. BestBesties4Ever says:

    i will so use this

  18. Anvar Djabbar says:

    You really need to see a psychologist if you need some waves to improve
    your brain. Get some sleep and exercise . That’s how your brain gets oxygen
    and focuses better. I found this on my friends laptop, it’s just a very
    nice music. 

  19. Ari Com says:

    Question:I’m using this for a Chinese (I learn it) spelling test if I learn
    it today will I remember tomorrow?

  20. satweek says:

    Hey brain garage i am a grade 12 student from india. I have boards next
    year this time around will i am soo stressed out with mathematics subject
    and its very important will it help me improving my concentration and thus
    improve my problem solving ability? Please reply

  21. Elite Nemesis says:

    How does this work
    Is this a placebo effect – fooling me to believe it works?
    What statistics do you have it works?
    If I believe it doesn’t work – will my subconscious still use it and still
    be able to absorb info?
    What if I am doing a task (e.g distraction) but continue listening – Will
    it still work?

  22. Crystal Sablan says:

    Study Smarter Not Harder with Beta Brain Wave Music:

  23. Sadnan Sanim says:

    can i do anything in any other tab

  24. yourstruly says:

    Hey! Just some info!
    Beta waves are stimulating and have a higher energy, which means this is
    good music to listen to during homework/work/studying. If you want to relax
    a bit more try alpha brainwaves. They are good for meditation and relaxing.
    Theta brainwaves are good for napping (for light sleep), and Delta
    brainwaves are suggested for heavy sleep (like what you would get at

  25. Jenny Hanson says:

    would any thing happen if I listened to this and some other focous musics

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