Subconscious Mind Power Secret #2

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For more go to… How to reprogram your subconscious mind. How to vizualise or use self hypnosis to achieve your goals Many people struggle to imagine what they would look like achieving their goals. This strategy allows you to overcome that mind block instantly. Works every time. Enjoy your success.
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25 Responses to “Subconscious Mind Power Secret #2”

  1. richardpetrie100 says:

    hi thanks for your comments.
    You make a great point about finding out what you really want.
    I do have a little system that helps with that which I guess I need to make a video for so register as a subscriber and I will put something up soon. Good luck.

  2. Dragonfly7111 says:

    Thank you so much for both your videos, You put it in simple terms I could understand. Until now I was visualizing myself but not in a Television view and it is true what you say. TV is a powerful tool to see yourself and the life you dream, now only thing is., what do I really want, because I truly believe its possible with this method.
    Ill keep you posted, 🙂

  3. richardpetrie100 says:

    @BozJac Hey thanks for you email.
    I think you need to take the credit – because you applied this method. Great news – I am delighted you got such a good result. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. BozJac says:

    This helped me sort out a problem with a guy who had been sending hurtful letters to my girlfriend. I didn’t know how to deal with him but then I used your method and I worked it all out. You have no idea how thankful I am for your mental training videos. I simply admire you to death bow because if what you have done for me and my girlfriend.

    Oh yes and she says “Hi :)”

  5. richardpetrie100 says:


    If skills or fitness or finances are then it wont be useful.
    80% of the time its your mind holding you back not the other stuff.

    “dont wish the job were easier, wish that you were better”
    If I am struggling to find a way to win in a situation and feel mentally stuck. Then someone comes along and goes 1-2-3 and makes it look easy. And I watch their mindset and confidence and courage – then I can adopt their mindset.

  6. MentalInfinity says:

    Ok, not a problem. I was merely attempting to give some orientation for those questioning but, like you said Bandler didn’t invent thinking. I have no intention of agitating or causing any trouble. Bottom line is, this was a very good and useful video.

  7. richardpetrie100 says:

    If it is ‘like an adaptation of a swish pattern’ then it is not an NLP swish pattern.
    NLP’er like to claim everything that works as NLP.
    Richard Bandler did not invent thinking.

  8. richardpetrie100 says:

    1) kids pretend to be their hero.
    2) fat adults buy sporting gear than makes them feel like a tour de france winner
    3) Many adults have a role model – a model we follow. Does not mean we are them but we can adopt their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, actions as a guide. And in doing so we are a stronger person.
    We do this stuff unconsciously – I am just giving you a technique to consciously tap into it.

  9. MentalInfinity says:

    This is NLP, much like an adaptation of the swish pattern…but definitely NLP.

  10. isshinryu11 says:

    Some people develop complex personality skills that I can imagine, observe, respect, and imitate, but It I can never aquire their attributes by observing them because I have my own image/personality. That plus the fact that they have EITHER done the hard work for these skills or it is the gift of their brain from experience adaption. Thanks!

  11. isshinryu11 says:

    Question. If a person doesn’t have the ability to see change in themselves to start a change, how can assuming an image of another person help them? I can think of many inspiring people with the personality/ abilities to handle different situations, but THEIR IMAGE in MY imagination doesn’t seem to give me any of their attributes of power.

  12. paricio7424 says:

    WoW 497 us

  13. paricio7424 says:

    Thank you.can I find the program in a library?what are your credentials?

  14. 1boardsofcanada says:

    Please do more, this is good content!

  15. morarulz says:

    @richardpetrie100 Thanks… Could you make more videos like this…

  16. AlienTheFallen2 says:

    This is totally true, I use this sometimes for sports like im lazy for training and i see the best athletes who dont give up so i imagine myself as one of them and thus making it happen then now I see myself as a professional athelete even though im not im in high school but you get the picture 😀 Thanks a lot for this video

  17. richardpetrie100 says:

    certainly similar to some NLP methods, never seen NLP actually use this method specifically.
    This is transferring of mindset of someone strong into someone weak
    NLP transfers emotions from situation A to B like this with anchoring.
    so it is similar to that. This might be better because it transfers more than just emotions – it takes the whole mindset across without the conscious mind limitations blocking it.
    Obviously you will need to reinforce the new mindset if you like it.

  18. morarulz says:

    Thus is like NLP right?

  19. MrJames770 says:

    thanks for your help l really appreciate your time

  20. richardpetrie100 says:

    Not sure but it is a bad drug, very common now days

  21. theScytheofGod says:

    @richardpetrie100 ‘Sorry, what’s ‘P’?

  22. richardpetrie100 says:

    I did try this with a guy on P and it it worked for him. I guess he was motivated and that was a big factor.

  23. redeemedwench says:

    thanks for the informatiom–..Questions: how does this work with addictions (drugs, alchohol), if at all? With all of it so rampant these days, it seems this would be beneficial. It seems that addicts have moments where they want to stop, but they “can’t” because of how the body handles it through withdrawals. Thank you for this work.

  24. richardpetrie100 says:

    its got exactly the same title only with #1 at the end.

  25. richardpetrie100 says:

    @antnantn thats a good idea.

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