Subconscious Mind Power

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Subconscious mind power, how to develop the personal power you already possess inside you.
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25 Responses to “Subconscious Mind Power”

  1. PsychologyReaders says:

    Great quotes!! Thanks for posting!

  2. cosmicordering1 says:


  3. MrRechingado says:

    That’s jlos on the floor

  4. jamestargetedindiv says:

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  5. videosfromderelix says:

    @jamestargetedindiv I’ll do that sometime. Why remove your comment?

  6. jamestargetedindiv says:

    @videosfromderelix Actually, check my channel for the updated version of this.

  7. videosfromderelix says:

    @jamestargetedindiv never heard the Loughner part but I do remember hearing what sounded like “Grifords” at the time, thought it was something strange leftover from a sloppy edit. Didn’t think anything of it at the time, kind of creepy now.

  8. uidemo says:

    anyone knows name of this music????

  9. Tyree365 says:

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  10. mehtarahul1419891 says:

    SUBCONSCIOUS mind is the biggest ASSET…whatever we PUT in this will remain THROUGHOUT the LIFE even our MEMORY gets WEAKER

  11. thecockpuncher1 says:


  12. jadde91 says:

    Wonderful presentation i loved it!! the subconcious is truely the Source of ALL power!!

  13. pakourmasta226 says:

    @tommmmtom yeh the emm one you said about heaven being up and earth being down bit is weird because if you go to the other side of the world wouldnt heaven then be down? or would it follow you and go up lol yeh ino it makes no sense and its trying to make us hate things that arne’t bad at all.

  14. HumanOFtheWeek3000 says:

    I read this one article where it tells us to say to ourselves “I am happy, I am healthy, And I am strong. I thought it was stupid but I needed something to help my unhappiness. So I tried it, I said those 3 words every day a couple or more times. And you know what? It worked it totally worked. I feel exactly what I have been saying to myself. But I changed it up and now say I am happy, I am healthy, I am confident, And I have great communication skills. I can now talk to chicks without a sweat

  15. crushjadock says:

    i like the pretty lights

  16. crushjadock says:

    i like the pretty lights

  17. greco0994 says:

    @tommmmtom intresting

  18. WisenedGnome says:

    My words are this, the people who say there is no subconscious mind are equal to the words of those that say it is impossible to control their dreams.

    They’re weak, fuck them. Plain and simple, you herd it first from TKmann.

  19. Bigole58 says:

    I just want to ssy to you all that this is so true and it works ..

  20. SwissProsperity says:


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom


    @uxwj4258 ^_^ lol same here..realy touchie though

  22. uxwj4258 says:

    Im thumbs upping both of these touching posts because im high as fuckkkkK!!!!!!!

  23. seerymseery says:

    afirmations and self help is all about REPRESSION and magical thinking, Denial, , dont fall into this stupid cult, it has broken up more marriages, caused more suicides, more mental health problems etc…..

  24. TheSecretsBlogger says:

    Such a cool video about enlightenment.

    The Secrets Blogger .com

  25. yoursubconsciousmind says:

    Repeat: “I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific” every night before you go to sleep and after a while you will always awaken in the morning feeling just that.

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