Talib Kweli – Memories Live

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Another great song by Talib Kweli alongside DJ Hi-Tek. Together they’re called Reflection Eternal. This song is from the album Train of Thought
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24 Responses to “Talib Kweli – Memories Live”

  1. 1trl2 says:

    Yes he is, blessed with another year of life!

  2. Wykesidefruitmachine says:

    No hate at all… …Talib definitely came first, so maybe Asher drew some inspiration from him. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. UntitledVision says:

    this is how black music is suppose to be.

  4. musicly1000 says:

    You’ll all hate me for this opinion but his voice sounds so similar to asher roth, they’re both dope

  5. sogansta10 says:

    its hi tek

  6. sogansta10 says:

    amen!!!! through the bad and good times in life . God is still good!

  7. wilzusuki says:


  8. westside159 says:

    Runnin outta topics and conversation while i drop it in the pocket becuz rockin is my occupation

  9. sedcdf says:

    Talib Kweli always had great Multis-Rhyme scheme, but his whole style completely changed now. His Flow/Delivery is so horrible now.

  10. javy55 says:

    Thist takes me back to when music was music. real talk

  11. thesoulsurvivorblu says:

    And the other sample is “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles

  12. uptoplaylow says:

    ..my shit

  13. Rowsr1 says:

    2 People are either deaf, stupid, or listen to lil wayne .

  14. coreybrubaker says:

    please make this available for mobile? this shit is too hot not to

  15. marablejeremy37 says:

    This album was a classic, slept on, lot of soul, The SoulQuaruans did their thing on this album

  16. naturallyxcrazy says:

    “Bringin back sweet memories”..This song is incredible..just…wow…

  17. Lukecage83 says:

    wow…2 dislikes? How is that even possible?

  18. iiNDiTC says:

    damn what happened to this

  19. Psajo12 says:

    this one gives me goosebumps over and over again 🙂

  20. mcfubb says:

    2 people are NOT on the Train.

  21. gmjigga says:

    For those interested in the sample, it is Soft Machine – Carol Ann

  22. betaylor2434 says:

    ahh Kweli, this is the realist.

  23. bloodyclawz0155 says:


  24. Ayplus says:

    This is call feel good music. Turn off the lights, sit back and reflect. . .

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