Techniques to Improve Memory – The Power of Storytelling

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Techniques to Improve Memory – The Power of Storytelling

Article by P. Roberts

One of the most powerful techniques to improve memory involves harnessing the power of storytelling. Stories with vivid images which evoke strong emotions will make a lasting impression on our minds and can be used to ‘carry’ information that we want to remember.

In ancient times most information was passed on by word of mouth, for the very good reason that writing and writing materials were restricted to the wealthy and highly educated. For information to last over great times and distances, it had to be in a highly memorable form. And one of the most memorable ways to store and transport information was, and still is, in the form of a story.

Stories are memorable because they are contain vivid images, have connected elements, and evoke emotions in the listener. In other words, they have the essential elements shared by all good techniques to improve memory.

The good news is that we can use storytelling as a technique to improve memory in our everyday lives. The only difference is that we tell the story to ourselves, in our own minds, rather than recounting it to other people.

Let’s say it’s Saturday morning and you know that you have to do the following things:

– Take the dog for a walk

– Take your daughter to her dancing class- Clean up the spare room- Get some business papers ready to take to work on Monday morning- Buy some groceries- Pick up some flowers for a sick friend

Now one way to remember these tasks would be to write them down on a piece of notepaper and tick them off as they are completed. In many cases this is a useful thing to do, but unfortunately it isn’t a great technique to improve memory.

A much more effective technique to improve memory is to spend a few minutes to create a fun and memorable story in your own mind; one that includes everything on your ‘to do’ list.

Start by imagining a giant notepad, big enough to contain all the images of your story, and with the pages flicking over as the story unfolds.Then get to work building a story in your mind, using bright colours, sounds and striking images to help the story ‘attach itself’ in your mind.

For example, the story could go like this:

Imagine a huge DOG on the first page of the notebook, barking furiously. The dog jumps up at the window of the DANCING CLASS and your daughter runs away screaming and hides in the SPARE ROOM where you are sitting at a desk sorting out some orange BUSINESS PAPERS. Just then a helicopter lands, you jump in and it takes you straight to the GROCERY STORE where you buy 1000 RED ROSES for your sick friend.

You only need to spend a couple of minutes on the story, and the only requirement is that it is memorable and meaningful to YOU. Run through the story a couple of times in your mind, then 10 minutes later review the story again to see how much you can remember.

With a bit of practice, using storytelling as a technique to improve memory will become second nature and you will find that your ability to remember tasks will improve dramatically.

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