TEDxOrlando – Wendy Suzuki – Exercise and the Brain

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An award-winning neuroscientist with a deep appreciation for the rewards and benefits of teaching, Wendy Suzuki discusses her research, and the teachers who …
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19 Responses to “TEDxOrlando – Wendy Suzuki – Exercise and the Brain”

  1. J St jean says:

    How long should one do aerobic exercises to notice brain enhancement?

  2. lain777 says:

    This is a great talk but the class she mentioned is pretty retarded. Should
    go to real martial art gym is wanted to learn martial art , and its not the
    best movements to gain fitness due to the whole point of it being
    efficient(moving less with the same impact.) 

  3. winterhell2002 says:

    How do you measure creativity?

  4. yobolion says:

    Jamie Timmons “the truth about exercise ” on YouTube to be enlightened!

  5. Angel Ortiz says:

    I could’t find other TEDx talks either 🙁

  6. Marta J says:

    A great TED talk hosted by Dr. Wendi Suzuki on exercise and positive
    thinking I meant to share with you guys. Empower your workout by rehearsing
    positive thoughts 

  7. Mental Health Awareness Crusaders says:

    Exercise can positively affect our brain function.

  8. Gregory Desierto says:

    “Who wants to go to the gym?”

  9. Alex Murphy says:

    Why can’t I find this talk on the TED website?

  10. Hannah Steinbok says:

    Congrats Wendy! Awesome! So grateful for your Sati class.

  11. verhaenk says:

    awesome information 🙂

  12. SaboteurELITE says:

    dat lisp…

  13. Sonika V says:

    I have heard at certain points in time in human life, there have been
    situations where a universal conscience arises and some people start
    thinking of similar ideas! Well, now I can prove I am not crazy, or at
    least the only one, who thinks physical exercices and mental activity
    improves learning undoubtedly… Thanks very much for such an encoraging

  14. fizwizx says:

    Nice, I learned something new today

  15. 627bonnie says:

    Yes, Awesome, and thankful to attend your class. It has given me a
    wonderful shift of thought.

  16. jonathan angelilli says:

    Awesome video, very cool & inspirational! Love Patricia M.

  17. manuel Negron says:

    She is my hero and I have learn so much about my self I wish al the best

  18. Terry Moore, LICSW - Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Depression says:

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