The dark memories

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The dark memories

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25 Responses to “The dark memories”

  1. dragonmetalica says:

    Ma préféré d’Heavenly !!! ;3

  2. Archaosthegemfish says:

    This is maaaaaaad

  3. Bubble84265 says:

    Der Song ist einfach unglaublich!!!!!!

  4. uberfishcakes says:

    9 viewers blew a blood vessel after listening to this.

  5. manbat162 says:


  6. menboooo123 says:


  7. TTGLLGTT says:

    Je viens d’apprendre qu’ils sont Français, plus besoin d’écrire en Anglais pour se cacher ! :D

  8. ramy95814 says:

    best song !!!

  9. sororora says:

    me enamore de esta rola

  10. InvalidGesture says:


    Excuse me for being immature here, but—

    Only fags can hate this song.

  11. InvalidGesture says:


    Pretty damn cool, huh? I strongly agree.

  12. MrSaintTobias says:

    Proof that Pandora can lead you to good music and new bands. I have never heard of theese guys till I heard them on Dragonland radio.

  13. allotheabove123 says:

    Strawhats vs Kuma
    Warning…EPICNESS OVERLOAD!!!**($&(&%*!%@^

  14. AbrhnGnzlz says:


  15. OrionKronos says:

    It seems a pre-core

  16. lukkaturi says:

    hahaha, this say my teacher of hight school XD

  17. mralbertoflow says:


  18. reya1928 says:

    Power + Prog is like having music actually blowing you

  19. PetrockyTheKinG says:

    One Piece AMV!…

  20. wasdemre says:

    this will shine forever

  21. Kingantichrist says:

    this sounds perfect for a car race :Q____ when i listen to this i think about a race over the entire city, two street racers challenging each other, ech one trying to prevail on the other one…focused on what they’re doing, because the winner remains and the loser leaves town in shame, dishonored :Q____

  22. Seazort says:

    Dios me corro al escuchar esto uf

  23. UryuuLeonel says:

    que buen tema por dios

  24. Kryptomeister says:

    Hat nen bissl was von manowar/pathfinder aber mega nice 😉

  25. metalhead5647 says:

    7 reasons to wear a condom…

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