The Fastest Way To Memorize!

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New research reveals the most effective way of learning. This is a new method of learning and studying material. Research concludes that it is the most effec…

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24 Responses to “The Fastest Way To Memorize!”

  1. Humza Zaidi says:

    Thank you!

  2. Kimberly Wright says:

    i actually did way worse the second time lol. maybe cause the first time the words came faster.

  3. Moorthy Natarajan says:

    Indeed a nice a way remember… this is how somewhat i remembered those ten words… cheers

  4. Alfred Mbiide says:


  5. MejJalTok says:

    The best educational video on the entire youtube network. Sad.

  6. Ricardo Jimenez says:

    I have a question , while i’m sleeping i put this kind of music, when i’m awake i cannot notice it but many people say ”Jon, you look so great today, what’s the secret” is it because of that?? and would you recommend using that method ?

  7. fkeopfkeop says:

    I did 90% on the first one trying to create a picture with all the items in it, and 80% on the last.

  8. Dan Hammonds says:

    A Dog pisses on some Grass then walks through a Door onto a Train and sits in a Chair. A man in the next seat gives him a Flower which he puts on a Table. The train comes off the track onto a Road, which leads them into the Sky where a giant Mouse awaits in the clouds.

  9. Dan Hammonds says:

    I memorized them all first time, in order.

    But to be fair, I was already using the method suggested here. It does work. Too bad they don’t teach this in many schools.

  10. Amarender Mominpet says:

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  11. Sanjay Patel says:

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  12. Mrbotosty says:

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  13. yanivoff says:

    f..g annoying background music

  14. archiverable says:

    Ha, I to was too distracted reading the story’s below to remember think it only works if you make the story yourself.

  15. theminecraftzml says:

    What sound is this

  16. theminecraftzml says:

    What sound is this

  17. xoFriendsvlog says:

    Dog grass chair door flower mouse table

  18. EternitP8 says:

    First time I remembered Dog and grass. Second time, Thermometer, Grass and Mouse. Thought I remembered Glass. But checked again and it was not one of the words. Still remember my name at least 🙂

  19. Renzy Bantilan says:

    I just remember 8 on the words with terms. Im memorizing all elements on periodic table of elements.

  20. Ali khan says:

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  21. Mariya Popova says:

    I remembered the first 10 words perfectly without cheat, but when they wrote details to help you imagine I forgot

  22. kevinjml says:

    sad reality i got 10 witout using the tech

  23. Blakelol123 says:

    lol, i can only remeber dog, grass,door, road… these are the ones that i imagine before passing the other words xD

  24. Yuktha Srivastava says:

    but these r for small words not for higher grade kids who have to learn nt 1 word bt 3 pages!

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