The Human Body Brain Power 2 of 5

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The Human Brain–The Most Incredible Evolutionary Machine Ever to Exist
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25 Responses to “The Human Body Brain Power 2 of 5”

  1. mattstorm360 says:

    @heheveynice That got me thinking about the brain. If it was ever moved to another body human or robotic…how will our brain act.

  2. killazerg1 says:


    Interesting take!


  3. tonyg445 says:

    WOW no wonder anorexics can survive so long!

  4. alexgrinkov says:

    i think it’s bullshit about vitamines… he was just so hungry that ate the whole fish, including eyes etc. and then they say post-factum: herp derp, he ate the whole fish because his brain knoew…
    his brain didn’t knew anything. if you’re alone in a middle of an ocean, you aren’t going to dump a lot of nutrients you hardly found just because they taste bad…

  5. alexgrinkov says:

    i think it’s bullshit about vitamines… he was just so hungry that ate the whole fish, including eyes etc. and then they say post-factum: herp derp, he ate the whole fish because his brain knoew…
    his brain didn’t knew anything.

  6. alexgrinkov says:


    “2500 is normal for a male” maybe that’s why like every second American is obese.
    It actually depends on your way of life. Today most people work at offices, and all they do all day long is sit.
    If you eat the “normal intake”, you’re going to have some fat.
    I eat once a day and OK with that…

  7. RicRagsLive says:

    @MQnoob doesn’t seem to make sense. I mean they could at least come with a satelite phone so you could call for help no matter where you were. If you are bying a $40 000 boat and crossing the ocean you would think these things would come with it.

  8. MQnoob says:

    That is a question I’ve wanted answered for a little while now. The only reason I see is that it would add weight, thought it would worth it. A guess at best though.

  9. jacabjoshef says:

    Please upload a video about Vagina . How it start watering when girl want sex
    and also enternal design to masterbeat for like me batchlor

  10. RicRagsLive says:

    I always wondered why the life rafts have no propulsion system or sails?
    Imagine if you had a compass and a small engine or sail to catch wind? Then you wouldn’t have to float aimlessly for 76 days. Why are life rafts built that way?

  11. Anthony883 says:

    @agetlostgirl LOL wow. No comment.

  12. agetlostgirl says:

    @Anthony883 so it makes feel so good to finally be able to say to someone who thinks im a scrawny skinny bitch who weighs 150 pounds DD bra size shut up lard ass oh that feels so good

  13. agetlostgirl says:

    @Anthony88 no I do know what im talking about im a nurse going now for a Phd the body for most not all does better with lower calories which is 1200-2000 depending on the person I however am eating less then the required amount and im fully aware of that. but once agian i am so happy you called my a skinny scrawny bitch after being called when i was in highschool a fat ass push im just so happy also that im an adult now and dont have to deal with people stuck in middle school mode

  14. Anthony883 says:

    @agetlostgirl Your at a calorie deficit you anorexic fool. 1500 is the minimum and 2000 is the Normal intake for a female. 2500 for a male. SO by definition your beyond a pussy little bitch. Your a skinny scrawny little bitch.

  15. agetlostgirl says:

    good thing I eat 1000 calories a day 4000 calories a day is just greedy

  16. Jayli0 says:

    I kind of find it funny how the brain can comprehend/understand on how anything works, but can’t comprehend/understand how itself works.

  17. artpeacemaster says:

    wow I’m learning about things in my brain and body that I never knew before, its amazing, and fun. man I wish my science teachers in highschool could have shown me this amazing video, and how amazing we truly are.

  18. JaguarsSoul says:

    @Atheist603 Yeah whatever.
    Don’t feed the trolls.

  19. Atheist603 says:

    @JaguarsSoul i started tlking to u because you were asserting nonsense on a scientific video….when people are tlking reality, tlking fiction and imagination…

  20. JaguarsSoul says:

    @Atheist603 I don’t know about you, but I honestly believe that YOU’ve started this conversation, not me. You began with spitting shit on this video, so.

    P.S. *cough* You’re one big asshole *cough*. Just so you know.

  21. Atheist603 says:

    @JaguarsSoul sorry you shudn’t bother this video with ur viewpoint because this is a science video “cough” lol haha how ironic lol

  22. JaguarsSoul says:

    @Atheist603 Because what you say about science is just a viewpoint, even if you see it as a fact. I see the supernatural as a fact, but still I know that it’s a viewpoint and I shouldn’t bother people with it too much, just like *cough* how you bother me with your viewpoint *cough*.

    Now, I don’t really believe that you really understood about what I just say, so leave it just like this. And please don’t bother either me and this video anymore with your comments.

  23. JaguarsSoul says:

    @Atheist603 No, I said you have limited intelligence only because you don’t have respect. And you don’t feel like to respect. And you’re far from understanding. Now, I didn’t try to make you religious or whatever, but I only asked for some respect, just like how I have respect against atheists and science. And whether you like it or not, you should show some respect.

  24. Atheist603 says:

    @JaguarsSoul wait so you said that i have limited intelligence because i use rationality, logic when it comes to deciding what’s true and what’s not? really? cuz i say i question everything that means i have limited intelligence? haha wow

  25. JaguarsSoul says:

    @Atheist603 Yeah whatever. I don’t really feel like discussing with someone with limited intelligence anyway.

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