The Power of Suggestion: How to Implant False Memories

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Complete video at: Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus discusses studying the power of sugg…
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25 Responses to “The Power of Suggestion: How to Implant False Memories”

  1. Bastard471 says:

    look awawty. dont say anything.´╗┐

  2. Xeno Phrenia says:

    everyone is all excited about false memories in mice – this is not a new
    thing and can be done without any brain beams´╗┐

  3. 0RespectMyAuthority0 says:

    @HaphazardCrappola no me

  4. JBlue761982 says:

    @jman9001 I was just getting ready to defend this brilliant and very
    important line of research when I read your comment. I could not have said
    it better myself. The only thing I would add is that all participants were
    debriefed extensively after their involvement in these studies.

  5. Ahzyo says:

    @johntheother Mmmm… probably not the only person. They’re just simply
    demonstrating a point.

  6. jfsfrnd says:

    @slickrickjohnson She is suggesting that adults who bring forth claims of
    child abuse got their memories from therapy which couldn’t be further from
    the truth. Besides there is no such a thing as False Memory Syndrome. The
    word itself was coined by Jenifer Freyd’s father. Her parents co-founded
    the False Memory Syndrome Foundation after she claimed her father sexually
    abused her. And BTW I never said Lofthus is an idiot. You’re eyes must be
    failing you old fart. I am stating facts.

  7. greatbroad says:

    @ zslastman What teenagers?

  8. johntheother says:

    @likespinningplanets circumstantial ad hom – put your flash cards away

  9. Tom George says:

    @johntheother 1) It’s not a memory of something that is horrifying. If they
    did that, then I would agree with you. 2) If they had implanted a really
    happy memory, would you still be so upset? 3) If there is no harm to anyone
    involved in this experiment, unlike for example, animal testing, how is
    this immoral?

  10. Omar Butt says:

    Here because my psychology class made me.,..

  11. Mastikator says:

    The sheepiest are always the ones claiming not to be a sheep.

  12. Heather Collins says:

    @jfsfrnd I don’t know exactly when everything happened. It’s not like it
    was in a textbook or something. I just know that there was a repressed
    memories fad and it took a long time for it to die down a little. There are
    some references to it in psychological journals; I remember reading about
    it last year when I was looking for a research topic. But memories have
    been long-proven to be highly malleable and easily manipulated.

  13. KingOfMadCows says:

    There have been some very interesting research on false memory. There was
    one where researchers managed to get some participants to believe that they
    had met Bugs Bunny at Disneyland when they were kids. One experiment
    suggest that implanted memory can affected behavior. They had participants
    rate how much they liked certain foods. Then they implanted in them a
    memory of a bad experience with eggs. Weeks later, they had the
    participants rate the foods again and egg was rated much lower.

  14. SarAein1 says:

    @CollisionTheory08 SO, We’re basically saying the same thing…it’s not

  15. Gaaraoftheonetails says:

    *youngson *u *ur

  16. ajarnbrian4 says:

    You’re both wrong and offensive. The published and peer reviewed research
    done by Loftus and others shows that false memories have indeed been
    implanted. If you have evidence of research that contradicts the work of
    Loftus, please tell us. This of course does not negate real cases of child

  17. Nukepositive says:

    And people thought the movie Inception was fictional. . . .

  18. HKTeeVee says:

    @tomcornhole Regardless of the merits of this particular organization,
    False memory is a scientifically valid phenomenon backed by various

  19. ASwiftHippie says:

    I know. Like I said, I wasn’t being serious about them being stupid. It
    seems to me that some peoples’ memories work in different ways. For
    example, I saw a documentary once about a woman who remembers pretty much
    everything that’s ever happened to her with extreme detail. She suffered
    serious depression because of it. The interviewer tested her by asking her
    questions about shows that she watched and stuff. She could remember the
    color of the characters’ shirts in specific episodes and stuff.

  20. dunndudebemelol says:

    The whole sexual thing is off by a mile!

  21. kevin smith says:

    Hmm… Do you think you would have been a nazi if you lived in germany
    during world war 2? Maybe you’ve already been brainwashed into supporting
    horrible practices and you just don’t realize how bad they are. If your
    answer is a resounding “NO” to what I said above, then you might also fall
    victim to one of these studies. I think if someone did this to you, changed
    your memories, then told you it was all fake, that you would come away a
    better person who is less likely to be brainwashed.

  22. mrzack888 says:

    @greatbored my friend, your comments on eating sheep are misleading, and
    may be mistaken for something other than desirable.

  23. JarJar88forever says:

    I need you ro remember how you felt when you first watched You Tube. Tell
    me about how you felt when you realized you had become smarter after
    watching. Tell me about how dumb you used to be. How do you deal with your
    feelings when you want to destroy those who do not wish to become like you.
    You Tube, at some point in your past made you smarter. Tell me about You
    Tube making you smarter. It DID happen. Or DID it? OMG!! You’re one of the
    Many Who Remain Dumb!! I’m out of here.

  24. Camboninja94 says:

    did anyone else notice that the length of this video was 4:20

  25. aldf fdaf says:

    that is inception kind of shit lol

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