The "real" limitless technique for your mind

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the real limitless technique for your brain and mind, just like on the movie limitless just not the NZT clear pill drug that turns you into a genius with photographic memory and focus.

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9 Responses to “The "real" limitless technique for your mind”

  1. xIDieHardCarrotIx says:

    and have you tryed this?

  2. adka datka says:


  3. dragontearzeyedrop says:

    actually, just try these. new energy product launched in US 2011


    literally just one refreshing drop in each eye and you’re limitless

    search dragontearz or see more at dragontearz . com

  4. corycmelvin says:

    Did he died?

  5. LetThereBeHam says:

    Remember only if you believe

  6. insaneclan2218 says:


  7. Bruce44100 says:

    Wow…you can’t even spell believe.How am i gonna trust you?

  8. JJTheFlame says:

    So….. will tihs techniquue give me the best hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and stuff. Ex. playing basketball good, boxing, fast and accurate shooting aim. and my favorite rapping and jookin. I want to have an infinite amount of punchlines/metaphors in my brain ready to use when i freestyle. And i also want to be able to jook in G nerd’s category. Can i do all of that using this technique?

  9. 100discodave says:

    never a truer statement

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