The Subliminal Mind – Self Hypnosis | Positive Affirmations for a Better Lifestyle

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Please visit www.thesubliminalmind.com for more details. The Subliminal Mind includes positive subliminal affirmations with great music for a healthier lifestyle. You can listen while you are awake or sleep and the affirmations still reach your subconscious mind helping you. – Titles Include – [ A Healthy You ] Healthy You Lower Blood Pressure Better Eating Habits Great Health Weight Loss Exercise Motivation [ Sleep magic ] Fast Asleep Melt Away Stress Deep Sleep Clear Breathing Wash Away Anxiety Help With Depression Wide Awake [Self Improvement] Business Success Self Image Controlling Emotions Prosperity and Wealth Procrastination Gone Time Management Public Speaking Self Improvement Now [Fighting Depression and Anxiety] Dealing With Depression Stress Relief Self Love and Acceptance Higher Self Esteem Confidence Booster Stop Negative Thoughts [Sharpen Your Mind] Memory Improvement Better Listening Mind Like A steel Trap Know That Word Patience to understand Learn Quickly and Easily Improved Spelling and Reading [Improve Your Relationships] Overcoming Shyness Improved Self Worth Communications Savvy Perfection in Interaction Self Esteem Booster Envy and Jealousy Moving On Breaking The Ice

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9 Responses to “The Subliminal Mind – Self Hypnosis | Positive Affirmations for a Better Lifestyle”

  1. laurazwags says:

    Does it work if you just listen to it?

  2. laurazwags says:

    You know what else you can do, type the word repeat into the url after youtube and before the .com, and it will continuously replay. : )

  3. XplicitGlam says:

    the power of now

  4. jjbrownabolish says:

    thank you, bless you

  5. barbiefl09 says:

    I love this thanks!

  6. RitoRevolto92 says:

    also are you supposed to listen to it with headphones?

  7. RitoRevolto92 says:

    Ok, Thank yoiiu so much for posting this, i’ll be sure to subscribe and watch your other videos 😀

  8. TheSubliminalMind says:

    Yes, this video was produced in HD so you can enlarge it in High Quality, High Definition. This makes it easier to read at full screen. We are in the process of producing 6 more videos so please revisit often and enjoy!

  9. RitoRevolto92 says:

    are you supposed to read the words?

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