Travis Orbin – "Photographic Memory" Interpretation

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If I had to select a tune that summed up the S/T album it just might be this one. From the tasteful tinges of electronica to crushingly heavy / mechanical passages it runs the gamut; it’s also quite dynamic and hook-laden. Anyway, here are some notes and the usual transcription: 0:15 – 0:21 — Hi-hat splashes match electronica melody 0:32 — Crash mute complements vocals 0:36 — Brief eighth-note displacement 0:51 – 0:52 — Hi-hat locks in with electronica 1:46 – 1:49 — Brief eighth-note displacement 3:34 – 3:43 — Spruced up the fill-ins 3:57 – 4:02 — This part wasn’t very discernible on the record, so I composed my own entirely Full drum set transcription: s26.photobucket.com Tempo = 150 BPM www.travisorbin.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Travis Orbin – "Photographic Memory" Interpretation”

  1. iScavDrum says:

    This guys is an incredible drummer, bottom line. If someone trashes this, they’re jealous they can’t be like that on YouTube with 40K+ views. Go practice.

    His play style, very original, & he’s so well composed & fluid throughout. Incredible. Some of the songs might not be your musical preference, but that means nothing at all.

  2. doodlolzbro says:

    this guy is a really good drummer, and i think he does exceptionally well with SEA; but no one could ever live up to kenny schick.

  3. doodlolzbro says:

    1:11 to 1:31
    only a real man can that with his legs.

  4. NickMadrone says:

    f**king stick twirls

  5. mrTooKanSam says:

    Wow, that beginning section looks like so much fun!

  6. XxMAXYPADxX says:

    @skiddlecrumms or even better some of their new stuff!

  7. CamJvan says:

    1:30 – 2:00 fucking amazing

  8. dannymin says:

    You hav the wierdest kit set up I’ve ever seen but u totally make it work buddy sweet vid

  9. SyqLAWL says:

    damn dude ur on point, also what do u mean by “brief 8th note displacement?”

  10. shaftninja says:

    @AtmosferaHouseMusic Then you shall continue to be in a state of either neutrality or being unsurprised, hehe. Seriously — as amazing as Bruford is — his kit configuration never once crossed my mind over the years when all those things took place to influence the way I set everything up and how I approached playing. I know it may sound a tad unfathomable, but I would’ve mentioned Bruford in my Setup Explanation video if he had something to do with it. Fantastic player, however!

  11. romeo13x says:

    @TheFutureMarine95 lol, then you should re-watch it cuz he also explains why he started using his left hand and left foot to lead lol =)

  12. TheFutureMarine95 says:

    @romeo13x i know i’ve seen it alreadly thats how i know he’s right hand : )

  13. BenjiSpeaks says:

    VERRY strange drum set up, but i too teach and find my own comfortable styles of playing and styles of setup 🙂

  14. romeo13x says:

    @TheFutureMarine95 Look at his vid of his Setup Explanation. he explains it all there.

  15. TheFutureMarine95 says:

    @romeo13x i guess : / but quick (?) do you know y he plays the way he does? it’s harder to play that way ( of course) leading with your left foot and left hand: ) makes it fun. it’s the same way i play

  16. romeo13x says:

    @TheFutureMarine95 you can be “naturally” right-handed, but you can learn to use your left to the point where you’re ambidextrous, which is where i think he’s at. at least with his drumming, don’t think he can write with his left lol.

  17. TheReverend777 says:

    can you please answer this, I’ve been wondering: Why is your channel named shaftninja??

  18. system2030 says:

    @IamJordanRDrums In other words three GINGERS!!! disliked this video

  19. TheFutureMarine95 says:

    @SorryArchitect He’s not ambidextrous. He’s right handed. He has already said this himself, on youtube.

  20. IamJordanRDrums says:

    @skiddlecrumms Lol, I said you should spell, “Their” right.

  21. ChrisDenmanSmells says:

    you’ve probably been asked this a fillion times before, but what snare is that? I have a pork pie “brass” 14 X 6.5 that I am struggling to tune right and absolutely love the sound of your snare!

  22. skiddlecrumms says:

    @IamJordanRDrums Born of Osiris? That is how you spell it bro.

  23. IamJordanRDrums says:

    @skiddlecrumms I think before he does that you should spell Their right(: jk man(:

  24. DubstepHero1 says:

    one of my favorite sea songs:)

  25. IamJordanRDrums says:

    3 people have, NO, Souls.

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