True Five Tibetan Rites (w/ common mistakes)

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Tips 1) Do all the same number of tibs 2) Do it at your own speed 3) Think ‘Follow’ when you do them “water, fluid, gentle in the movement” The Purpose of these exercises is to restore the body and spirit to its optimal state. According to the book there are energy vortexes which slow with age, These Exercises are primarily to retune these energy centres, which are not the main chakra’s which are widely known. Benefits inculded as well as breathing and fitness, greater energy, increased sex drive, a more youthful appearance (35+) diminished grey hair, hair regrowth, weight balance(reduce or gain), improved eyesight, better memory, enhanced sense of well-being, longer life. Personal info I have been Practisnig these exercises for over 10 years, these are far my favourite. In this video i’m still not as fit to show them as well is i would like. Info from the 1939 & 1946 Editions of The Eye of Revelation “The Eye of Revelation” “The Five Rites of Rejuvenation” “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”
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25 Responses to “True Five Tibetan Rites (w/ common mistakes)”

  1. TheRunningBeanDPT says:

    …I’m a horrible individual and did not do my exercises…instead I challenged myself to vlog for a year…excuse? A VERY BAD ONE! Alright..i’m going to do it…tomorrow till next month on the 12th. If I fail…I’ll let my friend slap me on my vlog! Yes a SLAP BET! (Referencing the show How I Met Your Mother) HERE I GO!

  2. emiel454545 says:

    Rite 3 sounds abit pain full 🙂

  3. FuzzypegNick says:

    Hello, China. Na’s dad (Nick) here. On 12th Oct. 2006 I got out of bed – thanks to Na – after !0 horrendous years illness. My fitness is now a brisk 6 mile walk, building all the time. Everything starts in the mind, no matter how long, in this dimension, it takes to manifest. As an english saying goes, and most cultures have a similar: Be careful what you wish for, it may come true. ENJOY!

  4. NowBlog says:

    5 exercises and 21 reps (repetitions) make a complete Set. wehn i say TR its number of reps upto 21. so the exercises will take from 2-15mins depending on the number od reps (TR’s)

  5. NowBlog says:

    Help people who are over 25 to stay young, you know we don’t have to get old. we can stay young. 😀 and thanks very much .

  6. saintj619 says:

    So when you increase reps, do you mean that you’re doing each TR exercise x times? Or that each tib is done x times, and you repeat the five TR’s y times?

  7. xroxaszx says:

    I enjoyed watching you xD Really! you’re awesome!

    But what’s the point of making those excersizes… exciezes…. //fail..
    you got my point D:

  8. NowBlog says:

    thanks mate, see you’ve commented on so many vids, thanks for catching up 🙂

  9. NowBlog says:

    Hows it going with the Tibs? 🙂

  10. NowBlog says:

    @OnlyNatural1000 Agreed takes 3months to add on your comment. Hope to stick with it for life. Doing them everyday, even as I’m ill just the minimum thanks for the comment.

  11. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    Interesting info Nathan.

  12. InuzukaLegend says:

    Oh ok lol thank you!

  13. TheRunningBeanDPT says:

    Hey! Thought I’d throw a comment on your vlog as well! I’m gonna do this for a month straight! ACK gotta commit to it this time around 😀


  14. NowBlog says:

    Thanks very much 🙂

  15. NowBlog says:

    Cool 🙂

  16. NowBlog says:

    hehe aww, with practise 🙂

  17. NowBlog says:

    Added purpose to the Description and they are a workout and/or warm up for a main workout.

  18. NowBlog says:

    Thanks 🙂

  19. caa1000 says:

    Can’t bend myself! Seriously, no one in China can perform these rites! 0_0

  20. kabobman99 says:

    that was pretty interesting might do some later

  21. animekittykitty says:

    Oh yeah! We have an routine that we do for the Future Soldier’s training that looks a lot like the Super Mario jump. I giggled the first time I saw the instructors doing it until I realized they were being serious…

  22. InuzukaLegend says:

    I’ve read what the benefits are in the description.. but what is the real purpose? I’m still slightly confused about this.. is it a workout or just a warm up? I’m sorry for my confusion lol

  23. TheNormanvsNorman says:

    Very interesting, and the comments during the video makes it cooler!

  24. emiel454545 says:

    Looks like fun and its good for you so why not give it a go

  25. Vash131Stampede says:

    Nice instructional video! I need to try these out! 😀

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