Two Tips For Memory Improvement

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Two Tips For Memory Improvement

Article by Timothy Romano

Are you one of the countless folks out there that has found it progressively difficult to recall things that are significant to you in your daily life? Are tests and quizzes frustrating you in school? You are not alone. Millions of individuals of all ages deal with the same frustrations. Regrettably, information to improve your memory is not readily taught by your professors. I’m going to share with you several of my favorite tips for memory improvement.

The human mind is an impressive organ. It takes distinctive types of data and pictures and stores them in various places inside. The brain needs to have the ability to download those stored memories whenever called upon. I know that all of us have looked all around house for their cell phone, only to find it right in their purse or sack where they left it? Sometimes we forget more vital things like a work or school assignment. Fortunately it’s not necessary to keep going about your daily life worrying about forgetting important things and tasks. It doesn’t matter if you are in school, and studying for a test, or a regular person that seems to be having trouble remembering things, there are numerous techniques and things to help improve your memory.

Tip #1 “Visualization”

This fantastic approach to help improve your memory is really easy to learn. It is one of the best memory improvement tips out there,and this is how you do it. Create a mental image that you can easily associate with the ideas or words you need to remember. I use this tactic regularly in my foreign language studies. When you are creating the mental image, try to make it outrageous and wild, this way it will be much more impressionable on you and a whole lot easier to remember later. Get creative! You will find this tip effective for memorizing not only foreign vocabulary words, but much, much more.

Tip #2 The “Classic”

Has anyone ever told you about the trick they used in the old days to remind you of a task that you needed to finish? It’s one of the most often used tips for memory improvement. The trick goes something like this. Try tying a thread or piece of twine on your finger to remind you that there was something important that you wanted to remember to accomplish. When you look down at your hand and see a string there, it will make you think to yourself, “oh yeah, I had to do XYZ today, I almost forgot.” You could also try putting a pen or pencil on top of your ear, or wearing your hat backwards. Any of these examples would be different enough from your regular routines and habits for you to notice the difference and remind you that there was something to remember.

I have just only begun to scratch the surface on ways you can start improving your memory. You can start doing these things right now! Before you know it, you’ll have mastered these tips for memory improvement and will be ready to tackle some more advanced techniques on your journey to a more powerful memory.

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