Use Your Senses To Increase Your Brain Power

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The senses are powerful learning tools – use them to increase your brain power.
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4 Responses to “Use Your Senses To Increase Your Brain Power”

  1. The3nlightened0ne says:

    True, VERY true.

    -Neuroscience major / burning curiosity for psychology

  2. thedragonb0y says:

    I did always see it like that. When I’m learning I no longer see myself as a human being, I see myself as a visitor of another world and when I try to learn something complicated (like math for example) I treat it as if I’ve never seen it before. Therefor, I’m doing nothing automatic and it becomes fascinating.
    Not to sound like a hippy, but it doesn’t matter how old we are, We are still and will always be “children”. Keep it that way and never tell yourself “you know enough”.

  3. Chao1master says:

    Very good no joke good theroy.

  4. michaeltheman8888 says:


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