Vitamins to Improve Memory Fact or Fiction?

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Vitamins to Improve Memory Fact or Fiction?

Article by William T. Morgan

Is there a vitamin that improves memory? I have been asked this question many times. The answer is never exactly what you want here.

The truth is there is no silver bullet, or magic vitamin to improve memory or prevent Alzheimer’s. Although there are a ton of pharmaceutical companies claiming they have developed a magic formula that may help. The truth is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is at all-time highs. The shame of it is that although pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to find a magic pill, they haven’t.

When they do find a cure or a vitamin that will control, or stave off the heartbreaking effects of dementia it will take years of clinical testing before it is ever released to the public.Here is what we already know, and that is that vitamins play a critical role in the development of brain cells. Among the most important vitamins to improve memory are the B vitamins, including thymine and Foliate, vitamin C and E simply because the body cannot make them. We can only get them from the foods we eat.

Eat a well-balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, nuts and seeds. Add fish and moderate amounts of meat and dairy products will supply you with all of vitamins your brain needs to function properly.

We have all heard the well-balanced diet scenario before, and we’ve all tried following it for a while. How long does it take to go back to our old ways? Who really has time to figure out what is the latest so called well-balanced diet. Every article you read, every book you read seems to set a different set of standards for what is a well balance diet.

Supplement to improve memory If you’re anything like I am you simply want to just add a vitamin supplement to improve your memory and protect you from dementia or Alzheimer’s. I want a simple supplement that I can take once a day and not have to worry about these terrible diseases.

Unless you have a specific deficiency there is no scientific evidence supporting the use of supplements to improve your memory. As a nation here in the United States we spend in excess of billion annually on unproven supplements and where no better off for it.

Vitamin should only be taken after you’ve consulted with your physician. The safest way to improve your memory is to eat natural foods in their unprocessed state whenever possible. Read labels, if it’s packaged food it has to have a label, and if it’s packaged food it has to be loaded with chemical preservatives.

A good rule of thumb here is if it grows in the ground are grows on a tree or swims in the ocean it probably is better for you and process chemically treated packaged food.

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