What Types of Food Can Help Improve Memory

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What Types of Food Can Help Improve Memory

Article by Danica

Some articles say that we are only using 40 to 60% of our brains when doing things. Therefore, our brain has many potentials. As for improving our memory, scientists have proved that some types of foods are indeed pretty helpful. In the past time, I often forgot where I placed my things, however, according to my personal experience, given below are some types of food which are helpful in improving my memory now:

Type one, orange

Oranges are rich in vitamin A, B1 and C, which are typical of alkaline food, eliminating a lot of harm caused by acidic food to the nervous system. Eating some moderate oranges during the examination period can make a person full of energy. Because the nutrients in the oranges can fight the free radicals which are very much associated with some diseases, and have direct relation with memory loss problems as well. in addition, lemon and grapefruit have the similar effect so that can replace orange.

Type two, corn

Corn germ is rich in lionleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids that can protect the brain blood vessels and lower blood pressure. In particular, corn contains much glutamate which can help promote brain cell metabolism.

Type three, peanut

Peanuts are rich in PC and PE, which are important material for the nervous system. Peanut can

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