What you must do to improve memory

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What you must do to improve memory

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Do you remember the times when you forget to bring your wallet? Do you remember the times when you fail the examination even though you study hard for it? Do you remember the time wasted to find your cell phone?

You know that nobody has a perfect memory. However, you seem to have the worst memory in the world. You seem to spend so much time hunting for this and that, all because of your rotten memory.

What must you do to improve memory?

1. Eat well

Have you heard that eating fish can make you smarter? Even if you stay in the mountainous region, you can order the supplement of Omega 3 Fish Oil pills.

You may recall that drinking sour fruit juice keeps you alert in the hot afternoon, while everyone is so drowsy from the heat. That is due to the high concentration of Vitamin C.

If your diet is not balanced, you will find that your health suffers. Your memory suffers as well. That is why eating well and eating natural food is the best way to improve memory.

2. Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are beneficial for the function of your brain. However, you must not consume too many cups of coffee and tea.

3. Imagination

When you need to remember a shopping list, you can use your imagination. For example, you need to remember a shopping list of a few grocery items. You can imagine yourself in the supermarket, looking at the labels and putting the items into shopping cart. The more realistic and vivid your imagination is, the more you can recall when you shop.

4. Talk to yourself

Talking out loud is another way to improve your memory. You can talk to yourself in the third person. For example, “Jane, how many times must I tell you to bring your wallet”. It sounds like your mummy nagging at you. However, it is just you reminding yourself.

5. Sleep well

When your mind is tired from a lack of sleep, you find it hard to remember anything at all. You need to sleep soundly and deeply in order to remember better.

It is good to learn to relax before you sleep. There is no point worrying about anything when it is time to sleep. Let your brain rests fully.

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