When to Memorize (& When Not to) in Public Speaking

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When to Memorize (& When Not to) in Public Speaking

Article by Nancy Daniels

I am not an advocate of memorization in public speaking except for your opening and possibly your closing. Because the opening is the most difficult part of the delivery, I recommend memorizing the first 3-4 lines. If ever there was a time when I wanted you to be flawless and smooth, it is then. It will bolster your confidence and make the rest of your delivery that much easier to control.

[You may want to memorize your closing as well, but that aspect of your delivery does not concern me as much as having a very strong impact when you first begin.]

Recently, I read an article by Tom Antion in which he described the way to learn your presentation without relying on notes. Essentially, his advice was to memorize each little piece of information, going over it and over it again, until you know it by heart. I couldn

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