Why choose a memorable 0844 numbers

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Why choose a memorable 0844 numbers

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It has been proved through research that the advertising campaigns that use memorable numbers are a lot more responsive than the normal campaigns and that is only because they encourage inbound calls and so your incoming call traffic increases. You can get an 0844 number which correspond to your business name or any other related word with which you thing your customer will be able to associate you. Numbers such as “0844- business name” can give you a major advantage over your competitors by strengthening you business identity. The memorable 0844 numbers also helps you promote your business and set you apart from the pool of competitors in the market. These telephone numbers can be made up of numbers or memorable words. Using memorable words rather than numbers is a lot easier to remember than it than to remembering the numbers only. All customers would have to do is type in the letters of the memorable word on their dial up key-pad as opposed to the memorable number. (e.g. 0844 petrol would be 0844 738765) An advantage of using memorable words is that words are far easier to remember and they can be linked directly to your business or business name.Memorable numbers can also disguise your businesses geographic location as they are all non geographic numbers even though your business may only be functioning locally. Therefore increasing the power of sales and promoting your business in a way that is both effective and rewarding. So your memorable number does not remain just a number but it is much more than that; it becomes your identity. And in order get a place in the minds of the people you need to make and maintain your identity by being easily memorable and recallable. So, choose your memorable number and get a key to enter people’s minds.

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