Windows Vista Performance Increase Virtual Memory Tut

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (11)

This tweak applies to Windows Vista or XP. If you are running many applications, especially large resource hogs that eat huge amount of memory your system may become unstable or even crash….

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11 Responses to “Windows Vista Performance Increase Virtual Memory Tut”

  1. PositiveLiquid says:

    Oddly, i clicked set and then ok but it didnt ask me to restart. I then
    opened it up again and it was set to the one i wanted it to be set as

  2. jagger1865 says:

    and great job u actual done it right alot of other people dont know what
    the hell there doing

  3. aaron4801 says:

    You’re giving advice on PC Performance with an overheating cpu? …wow.

  4. Low Qihui says:

    Why my RAM only446mb?!

  5. stevengiangz2009 says:

    What if i have 2 Gig of Ram do i still need it?

  6. jagger1865 says:

    same with me i dont even know how to start recording with fraps but i know
    fraps is used more for gaming

  7. Malka Wolf says:

    After watching several videos on how to do this, you’re the first one who
    makes sense!!!!

  8. TheHengKong says:

    @stevengiangz2009 in my opinion if ur a PC gAMER! u need 4gigs but 2 or 3
    is the perfect number! i have 1 gig 🙁

  9. PTPwnr says:

    so i multiply that value by 1.5 and type the result in those boxes that say
    inicial and maximum size?

  10. mandeep103 says:

    @aaron4801 lmao

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