World memory champion Andi Bell's card technique. [1/2]

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This is a cut segment from a larger documentary on the brain titled “BBC – Get Smart”; It reveals some of the techniques used by world champion Andi Bell. Andi holds the current world record for speed cards of 31.16 seconds. You can see more of his results at web.aanet.com.au . Andi Bell isn’t an autistic savant, meerly someone who has trained their brain to be able to memorize and codify information in the brain using advanced mnemonic techniques. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, let me know. I’ll be happy to give you more information. You can email me at tranceriver@gmail.com , and I will happily respond. I love emails :). I will 100% respond. Hopefully you will enjoy this video as much as I did. [Update:I’ve Uploaded the second half at www.youtube.com , thus making this 1/2 .] Enjoy!
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25 Responses to “World memory champion Andi Bell's card technique. [1/2]”

  1. lyndonbunso says:

    So it’s hard for you to forget unwanted memories from the past.

  2. simka123 says:

    It’s hard, but its possible. I try I remembered 52 cards with like 5 mistakes(I forgot the order of cards in one picture). he is amazing

  3. Vire70 says:

    It, like most things, is a matter of practice. You’d probably surprise yourself if you tried.

  4. Tysio100 says:

    Method of Loci…

  5. videoking056 says:

    Do you use one picture per card? or do you have several pictures related to one particular card?

  6. TheHearts95 says:

    Love this video

  7. TheFoulShit says:

    if i tried this card memory i could remember about 5 then be like i have no fucking clue

  8. TheSirSadler says:


  9. ASDhelper says:

    That amainzing!

  10. matthew13613 says:

    yes it doas take about 100 days of increasing the amount you can remember by 10 elements, once a day, and it slowlly increaes you consentration.
    i practice this on memory master 2.0 AKA improve memory 2.0. so if anyone wants to learn visual mnenomics that are put into a system that can be used to remember everyday things, go to Pmemory.com. and to get it half price use this voucher (100coursesnow).

  11. MrAcerCyrus says:

    this is not hard isso fun my father even teach this to a 6 year old girl that girl can memorize 50 states in 5 minutes pm for ure questions 🙂

  12. MrAcerCyrus says:

    not that long once u did it at the firstime u can easily memorize every time u did it ure memory improves its fun to do 🙂

  13. radnev007 says:

    that must of take a loong time to train your memory to do that!

  14. matthew13613 says:

    It is not, i can remember about 1000 cards in any order with about two seconds on each card. and if you want to know were i got this skill go to this website. Pmemory.com

  15. animalwaves says:

    Guide to building your own memory palaces and journeys and much more, including 10 example “journeys” of 100 “stages” each and compatible with the number-letter code memory master Dominic O’Brien uses for his Person-Action system for remembering strings of digits, MEMORY PALACE DEFINITIVE by James Smith, is now available on most worldwide Amazon sites

  16. noobkil1 says:

    dumpert ??

  17. churde says:

    im not saying its aliens….but its aliens

  18. Sirchilla says:

    Ever heard of photografic memory ? Darrin Brown did it before: youtube.com/watch?v=L1mweFSqACU

  19. bingbungbong says:

    right when the person started talking in the biggining, thumbs up if you thought it was somebody else

  20. skrozneobican says:

    human anathomy for you man is sooo smaall…

  21. radnev007 says:

    this seems SOOOO hard!!! Memorizing like a bear, sword, pineapple…WTF DOING THAT FOR 500 CARDS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!

  22. tarajentottot says:

    works wonder!! it’s been a week and i can still remember these crazy bunch of informations in tables, sets of numbers and measurements.

  23. ChristiaanBar says:


  24. Aang4Katara says:

    sound to easy for him. 🙁

  25. BG7YKTI says:

    loved what he said at the end.

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