Your Questions About How To Increase Memory Power

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Mandy asks…

how to increase memory power in present day work culture?

askdeban answers:

By doing meditation and yoga we can increase our memory power and also concentration.

Maria asks…

How to Increase Memory Power?

askdeban answers:

Brain records all the information visual, audio and kinesthetic.The moment we take birth brain records all the information..( Even the child inside the womb also records the sound and responds to light with more intencity).But we are able to recollect only some of the events and many does not come to our memory. We are able to recollect the things if recording with more intensity. Recollection is possible if you repeatedly remember some thing many times.
Hence to improve the memory follow this simple technique.
The moment you get up in the morning, consciously keep every thing in the mind and at the end of one hour try to recollect all possible thing like what you have read in the newspaper , what you have discussed with family members, what you were thinking etc.( you can take 10 mts)and at the end of two hours try to recollect what has happened in two hours( spend 2 mts for the first hour and 8 mts for rhe second hour).Keep repeating this process till the end of the day.Before the sleep try to recollect all that happened in that day.
If you miss out some time just ignore.But try to do more no of times.Atleast five times a day. Initially you may take lot of time to recollect but over a period of time you will be able to recollect just in 2 or 3 minutes . Believe this technique and do it for 3 months. You will find the amazing results.

Helen asks…

Hi can any one tell me how to increase my memory power im tired of my bad memory so please help?

askdeban answers:

Personally, I write everything down on a huge whiteboard calendar. As soon as I’m notified of an event that’s happening, I write it down. If you do this right away, you’ll never forget things 🙂 Good luck!

PS I love how you posted this three times.. Haha 🙂

Joseph asks…

how can i increase my memory power& what is the secret to get full marks?

askdeban answers:

I think believe in god and meditation will surely help you

Paul asks…

How can one increase mind power or memory, power to memorize little things,?


askdeban answers:


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